Friday, July 27, 2012

Wedding Wisdom by Whittington

One piece of advice I always wish my brides knew is enjoy your experience! Recently in bridal, the trend has been to visit as many shops as possible before making the decision on your dress. This can not only cause frustration to the bride, but can also cause her entourage to become tired and disinterested in the entire process. I have seen so many brides that come into the salon with that tired and discouraged look frequently caused by over shopping. I would never tell a bride that she can only go to one store, but if you want to keep the process as exciting and fun as it should be, then limit yourself to 2-3 salons max. If you find a gown you love at store 1 and another you love at store 2, then there is no need to go to store 3. Choose between the 2 gowns you really love. I truly admire the bride that knows what she wants and buys at her first shop on her first visit, but realistically I know some cannot accomplish this.

My second tip is be prepared. Most shops offer an incentive to buy the first day, and sometimes that can pay for the cost of a veil! If you love the dress and you can't imagine yourself in anything else, then don't be afraid to pull the trigger. You're wedding  gown shopping to find a beautiful dress, and every store is full of them, so don't be surprised if you buy the first day. 

You didn't have to date every man in America to know your Fiance was the one.. the same applies to your wedding gown.

Happy Planning!
Whittington Bridal

                                                                 Photos courtesy of 20th century fox

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