Friday, October 5, 2012

What is a Trunk Show anyways?

What is a trunk show? We’re glad you asked! Simply put, a trunk show is a special event where a designer showcases his/her newest collection—before it hits stores! The term “trunk show” stems from when designers would bring his or her collection in literal trunks.

So, how does this benefit you, the bride? Since we carry a handful of designs from a select group of designers, trunk shows allow you the opportunity to see and try on dresses that aren't part of our regular stock. You can browse through the complete collection from your favorite designer. And, many times, you get to preview a collection before it’s available in other boutiques – that way you are the first to see, first to choose, and first to wear a designer’s new collection—how awesome is that!

Trunk Show Tips:

A buying incentive is usually provided, so be prepared to make a purchase in case you find “the dress” in order to take advantage of show discounts. A trunk show gown won’t be available to try on again, so be ready to pull the trigger, or at least take lots of pictures. But, don’t feel pressured to make a decision if you aren’t 100% convinced.
Appointments book up quickly, so call early!
Bring one or two people with you whom you trust and who know you well. Resist the urge to have a larger entourage accompany you—trunk shows tend be very busy days at the salons, less people = less stress!  If the featured designer carries veils, sashes, or accessories, the trunk show discount applies!

If there are specific gowns that you are wishing to try on, please call the salon to insure they will be at the event. Many times, we can special request a particular dress that a bride has been eyeing.
Be prepared to have a fabulous time with many, many gorgeous dresses!

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