Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Currently Obsessed : The Great Gatsby

We here at Whittington Bridal are currently obsessing over the The Great Gatsby which will hit theaters in May. I love the glitz and glam of the time period, as well as  all the architectural elements that I hope will be present in the new movie.

Art Deco is not a new theme for weddings, but it is one  that has always had a soft spot in my heart. I love pearls and fur and giant hairpieces - clearly I was born in the wrong decade! You can achieve this look for your wedding and still make it look modern by just paying attention to the details.

Pay attention to the detail on your wedding gown. Does the beading reflect an art deco motif? Here are a couple of suggestions:

A great hairpiece is a must! Make sure it is large enough to make a statement but not look too costumey.

Here are a few suggestions:

With these tips in mind, you can truly have your roaring 20's Gatsby moment!

Gown 1: Essense of Australia 
Gown 2: Essense of Australia
Headband: Adorne Artistry
Hair comb: Adorne Artistry

All available at Whittington Bridal

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