Friday, May 17, 2013

Removable Lace Jackets

Lace sleeves are one of the top trends in bridal fashion these days, but most brides are reluctant to commit to a dress with sleeves on it. This is why removable jackets are a wonderful option for getting the look without sacrificing a great strapless dress! Not only do they provide a superior fit, but the jacket can come off for the reception--allowing you two different bridal looks for the same cost-- it doesn't get better than that! :)  

We've fallen in love with this combination of a lace mermaid gown from Essense of Australia with the removable jacket option and a Saison Blanche belt added.

This gown is a Whittington Bridal favorite! It also is an Essense of Australia gown, but we've added the Essense jacket and Bel Aire belt to alter the look a bit for an added Wow factor.

Another Whittington Bridal favorite is this jacket from San Patrick. We've paired it with a simple satin Mikaella dress and added a major statement belt from Saison Blanche to give you a completely different look!

These jackets are so versatile and can be added on top of almost any dress to give you that vintage style and create a unique bridal look that is truly you! 

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